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It’s almost impossible to succeed at any business nowadays without utilising technology. Technology has become such a pivotal area through which businesses derive competitive advantage, change and growth by helping to communicate, share, sell, organise, compute, control and assist that trying to do so without it is potentially fatal. The convergence of the office and home, primarily driven through better internet connections and mobile technology has spurred a whole world of businesses and driven competition to new heights whilst maintaining an always on culture that can be counter-productive.

01 Understand your Business

Understand your Businesses

The end goal of any project should be to help you better understand your customers, sell more products, bill more hours or be more effective when doing so, maybe to better secure your assets, save you energy or make your staff happier. We target these by understanding the drivers, enablers and resistors of your business and project; from the business goals, to your staff needs and likely obstacles we’ll encounter. By understanding these things we can ensure the likelihood of long term success of your project and uptake by staff beyond the project completion date, maximising your investment.

02 Empower your Team

Empower your Team

To establish a detailed brief for your project we start by educating and informing a diverse group of employees from your business, providing them with insight into current and emerging technologies and trends and their potential to improve your business throughout a number of interviews, workshops and roundtables where we gather data, prompt and test assumptions. Working collaboratively with your team helps carefully shape and steer the brief so that it is exactly tailored for your needs ensuring a bespoke fit and ensuring long term success.

03 Inform the Strategy & Design

Strategy & Design

This data, outlined in a detailed yet simple to understand report, then goes on to inform the technology strategy and design stage, identifying those key aspects required by the business to effect the desired changes. We then carefully specify the technical systems and processes utilising our vendor-independent approach.

04 Procure the Right Suppliers


We often come across projects where a business has tried to procure an integrator using a’cheapest first’, ‘first-come, first-serve’ or ‘use-the-incumbent’ approach as it can initially appear to be the cheapest route but they often they end up costing substantially more over the project lifespan; incurring delays, budget over-run due to under-specification (whether accidental or purposeful), unrealised benefits and features and many other issues. We therefore offer a procurement services at this stage to ensure that you get the best price for you project, the best team available for the project (Often a B-level integrator’s A-Team is better than an A-level integrators B-level Team!) and the best service from a team that will work with your project team and organisation.

05 Carefully Manage the Delivery

Delivery PM

Of course no project is complete without implementation and so we utilise our knowledge and experience developed over years delivering successful projects within the AV, IT and Intelligent Building spaces and guided by the UK’s foremost project management methodology, PRINCE2, to ensure that your project is managed end-to-end, over the full project lifecycle to time, budget and quality. Of course, our knowledge never stops there and we are constantly ensuring that we update our knowledge, selecting the best new practices that have been proven to perform and improve our projects such as Six Sigma and Agile practices.

06 Test and Comission

Commissioning & Witness Testing

During the Commissioning and Witness Testing Stage we check to ensure that the expected benefits and features have realised, not just whether the hardware has been installed, enforcing a quality of installation that you can be proud of. With strict check sheets and testing procedures we can make sure that not only has the hardware been installed correctly and aesthetically but also that all cabling whether visible or not has been neatly and properly installed according to the latest standards and that the functionality ie the user experience and graphics are also high quality.

05 Ensure Value’s Delivered

Value Delivered

An area often neglected by other consultants, one that we find essential at PROTEUS, is the aftercare and control of projects to ensure that they do what they say on the tin! There’s no use having a shiny new UC system if no one is using it! So we work alongside your teams to help devise ongoing methods of analysis, testing, training and correction to ensure your projects are getting the value intended.

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