Green Energy at Work

We try to reduce our carbon footprint where possible and be considerate of the environment at every step. We are constantly working to improve every aspect of this through internal training, responsible purchasing and good practices. Here are some of the things we do:

  • Try to run a paperless office. In fact we purposely do not have a printer to help prevent this therby promoting the digital workspace and saving on paper, ink, electricity, delivery etc.
  • Source our electricity needs from a responsible, 100% renewable, green energy provider who source their enrgy from Wind (54%), Solar (21%), Hydro (4%) and Biogen (21%) from across the UK.
  • Use LED Lighting where possible and are in the process of swapping out non-LED bulbs as they reach end of life
  • Use biodegradable cleaners where possible to reduce harsh toxins entering the environment
  • Promote walking to work and taking the tube to meetings where possible to help personal health and reduce vehicle emissions