We see ‘Services’ as a combination of of different elements and so we have deconstructed them for you below, to enable you to tailor them as you need. Our Services combine elements such as business deliverables, technologies, project phases, environment and sector and therefore we’ve created the Service Matrix to help give you an overview. Typically, you will see these combined into categories such as Strategic Visioning, Workplace Technologies, MDU Consultancy, AV Consultancy, IT Consultancy, Intelligent Building Consultancy, Systems Design, Procurement Management, Delivery Project Management, Commissioning etc. but feel free to pick and choose elements as you require.

01 The Proteus Service Matrix

Service Matrix

At PROTEUS we try to simplify the complex world of technology for our clients and we dedicate a significant amount of our time to researching and understanding concepts, processes and technologies so that we can translate these into simple, actionable business opportunities and benefits for you.

We use simple graphics and diagrams devised by our in-house graphics guru in collaboration with our consultants to efficiently convey concepts such as “the Proteus Service Matrix” which correlates the business benefits you look for, to the Technologies and Services we offer across the phases of the Project Lifespan. Starting from the end user requirements ensures we get it right and don’t just recommend technology that has no use. Find the various aspects of our services below.

01 Business Deliverables

Business Deliverables

We are truly passionate about the need for businesses to realise value from their technology projects. It is a pet hate of ours to see an over-specified projects or a copy-and-paste project that fails to understand the functionality that the client is really looking for and how it will help the client be more efficient, do more sales or enjoy your workplace more.

02 Technology Workstreams

Technology Workstream

We cover a range of workstreams from Audio-Visual to IT to Security but whatever your needs, come talk to us first to discuss how and where we might help because at our core we research, understand and translate and don’t just copy-and-paste our projects like other consultants. We tap into the latest technologies on a daily basis and guarantee that we will always have something new for you. Because of this we have a better understanding of what the future of technology holds. In fact, we update our Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ feeds daily with the latest techs and trends, so even if you don’t need our consultancy just yet, you can keep abreast of the latest developments!